Making Our Reading Public

As part of my participation in the Changing Results for Young Readers group in my school district a few years back, I decided to have a goal to make my reading and the reading of my class more public. I felt that engaging others in conversations about reading would enhance our love of reading.

In our classroom it really worked. Readers loved more time in class to share what they were reading, what they loved about it, what they did not like and what they were thinking of reading next. In our school, it was fun to share with other teachers in the building what we were loving about reading in our class. This year, we enrolled in the Global Read Aloud and were happy to share our reading with students in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Zealand.

In 2016, I felt I should up the ante. I am starting this blog in part, to extend that conversation even further and to engage more readers in conversations about what we are all reading. My number one goal has been to create communities of readers around me, to bring readers together and have them engage one another. Please read about what we are doing in our classroom, or about what I am reading. Comment as you wish, and share what you are doing as well.

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