I followed this activity in 2015 and made a list on Goodreads but I didn’t share it with anyone. With light prodding from MustRead host Carrie Gelson of There’s a Book for That (now there is a blog worth following), I decided to post my list this year because I had so much fun reading other reader’s lists. If by chance you have not heard of the Must Read group, it is a community of readers who share their lists of books they intend to read each year and they check-in during the year to share what has been read.

Last year I may have put too many books on my list, but I see it as something to focus me and not really all that binding. I had 55, and read 32 of them. Now that I have some K-7 library time in my assignment I will include more picture books. Last year, I recorded having read 49 books on Goodreads that were not on my Must Read list. As was the case last year, I will likely get horribly distracted by shiny new books that appear and by the piles of books that form on my desk and in my house. Also, I had some trouble finding the newer books on my list without going broke. I prefer reading paperback too, so some of the newer books will likely not be read.

My list will be split into sections but most of it is what I call middle grade fiction.

Picture Books (although I hope I read far more than this)


After writing this I read Sparky! and it was so funny. I recommend it for anyone of any age with a sense of humour. Wolfie the Bunny was also very good. It reminded me of Julius the Baby of the World. There was one very good spot for a prediction, my Kindergarten students will love it.

Early Chapter Books

ClementineBuckle and SquashFrancineLeroy NinkerPerfect Princess Party

Not sure that the first two books really fit this category. I am really interested to read The Perilous Princess Plot. I have it on order. I picked it with my two children (5 and 8) and it might become a read aloud.

Potential Family Read Alouds


My daughters read Rump together and loved it. Our favourite series as a family is probably The Land of Stories so any fairy tale theme book has a head start in our household.

Middle Grade Fiction

a crack in the skya handful of starsa tale dark and grimma tale of two castlesabsolutely almostbook scavengerchasing secretscircus miranduscounting by 7sdrums, girls and dangerous pies

home of the bravehow to outswim a sharkhow to storm the castlejinx's magicmark of the thiefmastermindsmoving targetmr. lemoncellopaxpeter nimbleprincess academyrapunzelroller girlshadows of sherwoodship breakerslaves of soroccostella by starlightsunny side upsunwingthe 14ththe house of the scorpionthe lost track of timethe misadventuresthe name of this book is secretthe screaming staircasethe shadow thievesthe thief lordthe war that saved my lifethe wednesday warsthe whisperthe wolf wilderunusual chickens

This is pretty much where most of my reading resides. I have a lot of purchasing to do if I am to read these books. Realistically, I will probably read about 2/3 unless I win a large lottery. I intend to read them all! Honest!

Young Adult

all american boysall fall downchallenger deepcinder23615709i crawl through itmonster blood tatooorbiting jupiterthe knife of never letting gounwindwingerzeroes.jpg

I have way too much fun reading young adult, and then I sometimes feel sad that I don’t have any grade 8s in my school to recommend some of the books to. I do have a few students who might read a couple of these and a few of them have already read Cinder. I have no idea why I picked this particular A.S. King book, I just knew I wanted one on the list and with Andrew Smith I just decided to read at least one of his.


an event in autumnghostwrittenSevenevesinconvenient indianthe peripheral

I just got The Peripheral and I really want to read that, but my upcoming purchase of Seveneves (the paperback) is the most anticipated on this list.

If you made it this far, thanks very much. Let me know if you think there are a few that I should read right away. Some of these books were on last year’s list too, and I resolve not to have any on a third list (they will be read or not listed anymore).

13 thoughts on “#MustReadin2016

  1. You picked a great Andrew Smith and Andrew Smith is a MUST read! I loved Winger a lot. A.S. King is also a must read author (and they are friends!) My favourite of her titles is Everybody Sees the Ants. My hurry up and read it titles on your list would be Orbitting Jupiter, The Wednesday Wars, The War that Saved My Life and The Wolf Wilder. We have some of the same titles for 2016 to read. Happy reading and so happy to see you blogging! And . . . so glad you loved Sparky! This is a particular favourite of mine!


    1. I really enjoyed Glory o’Brien and Reality Boy last year so I may read more than one A.S. King. Sparky was shared with a 1/2 class that appreciates humour, we had a good laugh. Thanks for the suggestions, so far the only one I have is Wednesday Wars but I was thinking that one needed to get cracked soon. Happy reading!


  2. Of the books you have that I’ve read, it’s hard to choose which one you might start with. Carrie has convinced me that I MUST read Wolf Wilder. I just finished Winger & did love it, but it is definitely YA. It’s been a while, but if I chose any you must read it’s the Gary Schmidt Wednesday Wars. His books are gems. Great list. I started a new list– a few books I don’t want to forget!


    1. I agree with you that people have done a great job selling The Wolf Wilder. I think I will pull Wednesday Wars from my shelf at school today, too. I am really enjoying Goodbye Stranger and Wednesday Wars will be next. Thanks for the insights!


  3. I totally get ending up with a super ambitious list (mine is 50 titles which is even fewer than last year). It’s hard to limit when there are so many great books waiting to be read! You have a fabulous list here! Winger is hands down my favorite Smith title, I love it. There are too many books I love on your list to mention them all, but I particularly love Absolutely Almost, The Wednesday Wars, The Whisper, Unusual Chickens, and Challenger Deep (which is a tough read, but SO worth it). I try to just list books that I can get at local libraries, because you are so right, they certain add up fast if you have to buy them!


    1. I was trying to just pick books that the local library had but we have a small library and the list would be pretty sad. Someone told me that I need to make friends with the librarians and I will try to do it. I love everyone’s suggestions and Wednesday Wars seems a consensus pick. I will save Challenger Deep for when I am really focused. Thanks for the info!


  4. Oooh!! You have some great books on this list! My ideas of “must start with” would be Book Scavenger, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Sunny Side Up, and Stella by Starlight (I read with a knot in my stomach the entire time!) Enjoy!


  5. Oooh! You have a great list! My “must start list” would be Book Scavenger, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Sunny Side Up, and Stella by Starlight (I read with a knot in my stomach the entire time). Enjoy!


  6. You have a few of my 2015 favorites here – All American Boys, Roller Girl, Stella by Starlight, Sunny Side Up, Unusual Chickens, Circus Mirandus, and The War That Saved My LIfe. I would recommend starting with any of those. 🙂


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