#MustReadin2017 There's a book for that

This will be my second official year participating in Carrie Gelson’s excellent MustReadin2017 community. Last year, I started a list of 73 books and read 49 of them. This year, I really wanted to make the list smaller, but still fairly large. I felt that several people split their list into thirds for the updates, so I wanted my number to be divisible by 3. So, I have gone with 66 books for this year, and I am hoping to read at least 50 (to improve on last year’s total). One of the reasons I do these lists is to ensure I read more picture books and early chapter books, but I still don’t feel like I got enough on this list. I should have included After the Fall by Dan Santat but I didn’t really see that one until the other day and I was having such a hard time limiting myself, so I did not. Here is my list beginning with picture books and working through MG, YA and a couple of adult books, and if I had to do this again in a week the list would be a little different.


This year I had so many books that I really wanted to include that I did not look at other lists before composing mine. Usually, I do this, so I think the first distraction that will make reading these books challenging will be checking out all the other great lists that have been posted. If you see a few you think I should skip or read faster, let me know!




7 thoughts on “#MustReadin2017

  1. Not sure where to start. WOW! What a list. I kept going back and forth to Goodreads to add titles. So doing a quick scan to highlight 5 favourites that I have read and loved on your list: Dory Fantasmagaory, House Arrest, Going Over, Half Brother and Stand Off. You have an amazing reading year ahead!


    1. Dory was one of the Books I was kind of kicking myself for not reading last year. Going Over I found in Mosaics discount pile just after I read A Night Divided. I just got Stand Off in the mail. Guilty pleasure as it does not help me in the library or in the classroom but I couldn’t leave Ryan Dean where he was at the end of Winger.


  2. Carrie is right – what a list! I read an ARC of Scar Island and loved it! So different from his other two, but those were great also! Loved House Arrest but I had a student on HA at that time, so I might have been under the influence! 2017 looks like a promising year!


    1. I have House Arrest in my library now, and just ordered Scar Island. My students don’t know these books at all yet, but that should change next week. I have a lit circle group reading The Honest Truth and then they will want the rest of his books.


  3. This list went through so many versions that I was worried I would forget about a book. I did. I put one cover on there twice, and deleted another book that made the list. I have to put Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie back on the list.


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