Thanks again to Carrie Gelson for continuing to host this fun challenge. Last year, I had a list of 66 books and got through 48. At first, I thought I was going to have a drastically shorter list for this year, but eventually it got to 65. So, mission accomplished, the list is shorter this year!


A couple of things I have noticed about this list, and I am curious if there are similarities in your lists. First, it will cost me a lot of money. There are a lot of books I do not own, and my library does not have. I actually cut a few books from my list because I don’t have them, and I don’t think my public library system will come through for them. I also had other books by the same writer on the list already. Secondly, I think I have more YA books on this list compared to past years. As an elementary teacher, I am a little concerned that this will make the challenge more difficult, but maybe that is the point. I might not give myself the time to read some of the YA books if I don’t have them on the list. Similarly, I have fewer picture books but I will likely read a lot through my work in the library this year. I am also giving myself permission to read more sequels than in past years.

Here is some of the reading I hope to get to this year. 65 books, and hoping to do better than the 48 I read from last year’s list. It’s a big list, but I did just watch The Fellowship of the Ring, so a long journey seems like just the thing to do, and this group seems like a bit of a Fellowship.


PBs, Early Chapters and some MGs Updated

MG, YA, Adult updated

I have a few more that do not have cover art yet that I have added to the list.

Blackthorn Key Adventures #4 by Kevin Sands- Not sure of the title, not sure of the cover. Just sure I need to read it! He visited our school in September and I had a chance to talk to him over dinner about the next book which sounds great and will arrive in September.

Mighty Jack #3 by Ben Hatke- Similarly, I know little, but must read it. Those cliffhanger endings! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. I think this comes out at the end of the school year, as the second book did.

Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen- I hope its out in 2018. Goodreads is a little vague about this.

Mission Defrostable by Josh Funk- I have this fear I somehow missed the cover and its hiding online, but I doubt it. A must read in my house and at school. It’s better known as the third Lady Pancake book.

Inkling by Kenneth Oppel- Just a little description and my desire for another Kenneth Oppel middle grade novel is enough. From the Goodreads description, “When the ink from an artist’s sketchbook gathers itself together and escapes from the pages, this spark of creativity transforms the lives of a family desperately in need of a change.” I hope this one is out in 2018 as I have read. But like Resistance, its vague info.

Amulet #8 by Kazu Kibishi- Finally, I will get to say that I have the eighth Amulet when a student asks me for it! I have read that it will be out in the fall of this year.


Thanks for reading through my list. If you have some favourites from this list, I would love to hear them. I am currently reading Refugee and likely to start Wishtree after that so they can go back into circulation in the library. I look forward to reading your lists as well.

16 thoughts on “Must-read-in-2018

  1. This is a great list! There are a few I really enjoyed like Charlie and Mouse, The Gauntlet, Wishtree, Insignificant Events, and Princess Cora. There are a few others that I want to read, but I actually did not put on my list – Enginerds, The Unicorn Rescue Society, and Good Dog. I just pre-ordered Hilo and Mighty Jack 3 and Amulet 8 are books my students are eager for.


  2. I too have ignored more YA, so added more to my 2018 list. I loved Refugee and WishTree. Of your list, don’t miss The Antlered Ship, a favorite picture book from last year. I added some of your “new” ones, Aaron! Thanks for sharing so much! Happy Reading!


  3. I love to approach this as a journey as well. Which means, I usually go off course, and then find my way back. I was noticing The Hate You Give. This is a book that isn’t on my initial list of 40, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up this year. I hope my teenager does too. (I try not to require his reading, but won’t hesitate to drop important books in his stack.) Refugee is one of those books. When I finished it last week, I immediately handed it to my husband and said, “Go!” Happy Reading!

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  4. Amulet #8 and Mighty Jack #3 are out this year? OMG My students (past and present) will lose it! I am a little worried about not being able to find some titles on my list too. Sometimes I think Canadian public libraries just aren’t as quick with purchasing. Excited to see Going Over, Ask the Passengers and If I Ever Get out of Here on your list. Loved all of these! Thanks for joining in!


    1. I actually think I read that Mighty Jack would be out, but now I am not sure. I tweeted something at Ben Hatke, but no response yet. Amulet #8 is supposed to be out in the fall, but there hasn’t been a date. I read that Kazu Kibishi is going to NerdCamp Bellingham so maybe people will find out there? I saw you read Still Life With Tornado the other day, and I took that off my list because I didn’t own it, and my library was not a help, but I replaced it with Ask the Passengers which I had found second hand. I still hope to buy and read Still Life… this year though.


  5. I’m crowdsourcing my list again, which was a fun challenge last year. There are many on your list that I want to read too. I also have to put in a plug for Ancillary Justice which I LOVED. Read the whole series one after the other and still searching for another space series that I will like just as well. I don’t read that many books for grown-ups, but that series convinced me that I really should.


    1. I need to check out how your list is coming, thanks for the plug for Ancilliary Justice. I am looking forward to reading that, but like you I don’t read many “grown-up” books, so it might not be until Spring Break. During the school year I almost never read that type of book.


  6. I am still working on this year’s list. Last year I created a list and discovered that my local library had very few of them. Not having a library budget to spend really hampered my planning. Good luck this year!


    1. Yes, the library budget helps. Mine is usually empty at this point in the year. My school had some budget issues a few years ago, and my budget is reduced until we get things fixed. Your list is posted now, I really enjoyed looking through it. Some of my faves from 2017 are there!


  7. Wow! What a list! Already read a few on your list. Enginerds is a great read for kids. Actually facilitating a book club now with third grade students. Cactus is a must read. You will love Aven and her story!


    1. I just got Enginerds in the mail tonight, and I was thinking about my grade three and four library students. Cactus should be one of the first five I read this year. Thanks for the sneak peeks. I will make sure I get to those two before too long.


  8. I cannot wait to read the newest HiLo either! I love that series! And I’m excited about the sequel to Wild Robot also.
    I hope you enjoy Charlie & Mouse, Wishtree, Sophie Quire, Cactus, Explorers, Refugee, Cinder, Thunder Head, Serpent King, The Hate U Give, Wonder Struck, and Miles Morales as much as I did!


  9. That is certainly A List.

    The Hate U Give is legit. It lives up to the hype. I found Cinder to be the weakest of the Lunar Chronicles novels. It was fine, but Meyer really hooked me on the series with Scarlet. (Not encouraging you to read out of order but encouraging you to keep going if you are meh on Cinder.) Warcross was decent. I really liked Serpent King!


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