Must Read in 2018 Final Update!

2018 is moving at a breakneck pace. Evidence of this is that this is already the final update for this list. My original list of 65 books has been highjacked by lots of ARCs (thanks Book Portage) and other new titles I have spied in stores. However, I have made pretty good progress (I think so anyways). Here are the covers from my original list and the books I completed have a checkmark.

must read final update pic 1

must read final update pic 2

These books had no cover images when I added them originally but they do now.

must read final update pic 3

However, the last book on my list is Mighty Jack 3. I thought it was coming out this year, but now I don’t think so. I can’t find a cover either.

Altogether, I have read 36 of the 65 books. I was hoping to get at least two thirds, which would be about 44, and maybe take a run at 50. I may be able to do this. Some of the books I really enjoyed since the last update include:

Inkling- It’s a very interesting story that has a little of everything: humour, action, heart. I loved the characters from the title character to Ethan, to his school nemesis. Even the cat was brilliantly written.

Supernova- A great continuation of the Amulet series that kids are going to be clamouring for.

Resistance- This historical fiction will remind readers of Jennifer Nielsen’s A Night Divided and is an exciting story of perseverance.

Head in the Clouds (Dory Fantasmagory 4)- Full of giggles, usually at Mrs. Gobble Gracker.

Drawn Together- Great artwork and a heart warming story.

The Hate U Give- Deserving of the hype and I am glad I read this before the movie comes out.

Breakout- Unique format, meets intriguing plot with a great message.

The Explorer- A quirky take on a survival theme.


If you have read this far, thanks for stopping by. Let me know which books I should not miss out on over the last four months of the year. Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Must Read in 2018 Final Update!

  1. Good news! The last update for the list is in December, not this one :D.

    THUG definitely lived up to the hype, for sure. Great book.


  2. Wow, your list is long! I loved the Wild Robot books, and still want to read Resistance. I agree, just too many great books available & the arcs, too. Enjoy the next books!


  3. You’ve read some amazing books Aaron. I loved Head in the Clouds and The Hate U Give. Drawn Together is in a pile here somewhere. I’ve been waiting for Mighty Jack 3 too. So sad that we have to wait even longer!


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