Must Read in 2019!


For the fourth consecutive year, I am writing a #MustReadin2019 post to join with a community of bloggers that create a list of books that they do not intend to miss out on reading over a calendar year. Big thanks to Carrie Gelson for hosting this challenge again.

Everyone in this community shares a love of reading but goes about this task in such different ways. Bloggers choose new books, old books, lots of books, a few books, focus on a few genres and formats, or a mix. Some create a list and realistically expect to read every single book (hence the word must) and some create a larger list, a list of intentions.

This list is the latter and reflects the choice I make each year to create a large list that reflects many of the reading priorities I have working intensely with grades 5 and 6 the last few years, and working as a K-7 librarian as well (about 40% of my teaching assignment). This list prioritizes the middle grade fiction that I have on my to-read list, and tries to remind me to read outside of that genre into more picture books, early chapter, and graphic novels to inform my practice in the library. I usually try to add a few YA and Adult oriented books to remind myself that it is okay to read outside of my teaching area (all of these areas have so many great titles to choose from anyways). I need a big list to remind me, whereas others are able to stay more focused on there own. I envy them.

I try to read as many as I can, but give myself permission to not read the whole list. My expectation is to read about 3/4 of the list. Last year, I read 52/66 and was pleased with that. This list is similar in length and I expect to read between 40-52. Here are the covers of books I intend to read (knowing there will be many great distractions).

I am going to list these covers by author’s last name, like a traditional library shelf.

1-6 by author.png

7-12 by author.png

The Roar is my 11 year old daughter’s choice for my list. I ask for one from each member of my immediate family. Any Second is my wife’s choice, she is an elementary teacher, who gets to add library to her position starting next week (we are excited!).

13-24 by author.png

Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl was on my list last year, but it has not been published yet. I am hoping it is this year. I believe it is currently scheduled for September.

25-30 by author

Normally, I have one A.S. King book but I have two this year, I also have two books from last year’s list: Ancillary Justice and Warcross.


Furthermore is a book I had on here last year and it deserved better, so I put it back on and I hope to read it soon. I don’t have enough picture books or early chapter but some appear here.


Fall by Neal Stephenson was also on my 2017 list, but then the book did not come out. Hopefully, Goodreads does not let me down this year with the release date. Several of my grade 6 students have read ten or more Wings of Fire books and almost every boy has read at least one. I have to see what makes this one so popular for myself. My last two books in the line below are also from past lists. I strive to do better by them.

last line

Here are some of the books on my list that have no cover at this time.

The Carrier by Jennifer Nielsen, a historical fiction about a girl in Russian occupied Lithuania who works to preserve her people’s heritage.

Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse, a Rick Riordan Presents book with Navajo gods, and shapeshifting villains.

The Toll by Neal Shusterman, the third in the Arc of a Scythe series that I get pretty much obsessed with while reading.

That is my list of 64! My eight year old daughter wanted to pick one but wants to tour a library before getting her pick in. Her book will be on a different kind of Must-Read list. Good luck to all the readers who have lists, and a happy reading year to everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my list, feel free to let me know which books you think need to be read in January (they are that important to you).




10 thoughts on “Must Read in 2019!

  1. Oh how I love this list! Two A.s. King books! I also have Dig and Everybody Sees the Ants is one of my very favourites. Zita and Mighty Jack! Can’t wait! Congratulations to your wife on her position (the library news) I also wanted to add The Carrier and only didn’t because of the no cover but I will read it as soon as it is released! I really loved The Parker Inheritance. Read it when you can have some uninterrupted time as you won’t want to put it down once it grabs you (which took a while for me but then. . . )


  2. What a great collection of books. I see many I’ve enjoyed (We Are Grateful, Hey, Kiddo, Brown Girl Dreaming, Lu, Warcross, The Parker Inheritance, and Give Me Some Truth) and some I am eager to read (Sweep, Aru Shah, Misunderstood Shark, and When a Ghost Talks, Listen). I wish you the best this year.


  3. I’ve read a few you have listed, Aaron and enjoyed the way your family added, too. I loved Sweep, am a little confused about your saying that the third Shusterman Arc of the Scythe is still not available and why “Toll”. I thought it was Thunderhead & read it last year. Terrific list. I’m adding to a second list to be sure I remember some that you and others have on your list. How fun that you & your wife are going to be librarians.


    1. Thanks, Linda. Thunderhead was book two, it followed Scythe. The third one is supposed to be out this year, but does not have a cover. The Toll is the working title. Here is an interview in Publisher’s Weekly, just after Thunderhead came out, the fourth question is about The Toll . Sadly, I have not heard much lately, I think he was focused on promoting Dry lately. I am worried that this will be the book that I put on the list, and then it comes out the following year.

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      1. Thanks, somehow I thought it had ended, but now I know another is coming! I’m so glad I read your post!


  4. The New MIghty Jack was on my list, but I took it off because I really won’t need any motivation to read it!
    I am excited by your list because I’ve discovered some that I didn’t know about and have now added them to mine. The Tim Tingle one especially because he is an amazing story teller. The Serpent King is on my list this year too, for the second year in a row. I must get to it. Perhaps we can organize an online book club meet up? Sometimes I need extra motivation!


  5. Alan Gratz. I’m so glad you showed me another title for my family to fly through! Also, since I’m in the middle of the Land of Stories, The Unicorn Rescue Society caught my eye. I’ll be curious about that one. And Brown Girl Dreaming. I wrote a creed after reading it, and have considered purchasing it so it can just be in our house. Enjoy!


  6. I should have known you’d have an amazing list, Aaron. Of all the books on your list that I’ve read, I thoroughly enjoyed all but one. I’m really looking forward to reading The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise and Dry this year, too. And Hey, Kiddo just came in for me this week. YAY! This is my first year participating in the “must read” community, so I’m looking forward to following everyone’s goals! 🙂


    1. Oh that second sentence makes me more than a little curious. DM me that title, please! I saw your list on Twitter very briefly while I was in line at a store. I meant to check it out. Will do so now!


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